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Do You Keep Your Blog To Yourself?

This post was inspired by a post written by Kim over on The Later Levels, please check out the original post! Link to which is here!

I’ll start this entry by asking the same question Kim did. As writers, do you talk about what you create to those around you? I thought I’d talk about what went on with One Nerds Brain in its infancy and where it is currently in its life.

I never used to talk about the blog, the idea of people finding out who I was would make me feel ill. I talk about this so much, but my mental illnesses can have me believing some very cruel and questionable things.

I started my own blog after seeing how happy my best friend, who has her own blog, seemed to be able to write and express herself. So I started my own. I had no idea what I was doing with it, or where I was going, but here I am. I was terrified to tell her I made my own because I thought she’d be angry that I “copied” here. Which is daft, we’re both nearly 30, been friends for over a decade and she’s a mother, so I doubt it would even cross my mind.

I was also terrified that people would work out who I am, then use the content against me, or just mock me for it. I’ve encountered some people in my life, for one reason or another, who’ve been no good for me. I talk about experiences involving said people and I didn’t want them giving me hassle about it. I don’t talk about them in a way that would identify them, nor do I use it as a way to seek vengeance, I just want to help people through my experiences. Unless you know me personally, or are one of the people involved in the subject, you won’t know who I’m talking about. I’m an open book when it comes to my life, while I don’t actively talk about some aspects of it, I will always be upfront and open. Obviously, some subjects are too personal.

I started to dabble in writing about video games and I’ve always wanted to branch out into other subjects. I don’t know if I for the whole lifestyle blog aspect, but I see myself as a mashup of a geek blog and that. Of course, my writing needs improvement, but I’ve always put pressure on myself to excel at things at an unobtainable rate. At the back of my mind, I doubted if I should even continue at times and I’d often picture people from my past or even strangers sharing my posts around to mock me.

I made socials for my blog, then decided one day after being terrified people would find out who I was, I just revealed my own identity. I’m making that sound dramatic, but for me it was a big step.

Do I talk about my writing now? Yes. I share my links on my blog account, I share them to my personal pages and I’ve told a few people I’m close to in real life about it too.

The Stace people know offline is mostly the same as the person you’ll see online. The only differences tend to be anxiety related and my temperament is different. Outside of the internet, I am very introverted and not as “outspoken” as my social media profiles will make you think. I still talk about all the same things I blog about, but I’m not usually the one to instigate conversations, though I will chew your ear off if we do end up conversing about a subject I feel strongly about once I feel comfortable around you. 😊

I’m not really sure if the people who know about my blog actively read what I write about. I’ve never pushed the subject, I know that I have their support and that is enough for me. It’s never been about views for me, I wanted a place where I could freely express myself. While views are nice, it wouldn’t stop me writing if nobody even glanced my way, but I will always be grateful for those who do.

Thank you for sticking with me. ❤️

Thank you for your time. Things have been up in the air for me lately and I’m doing my best to get back into healthy routines.

I have socials for my blog that will be updated more frequently. Instagram and Twitter are what I use mainly.

I also have a Ko-Fi page which can be found here. I use it mainly for longer updates, but donations are always appreciated, but not expected. I’m just grateful that I have the chance to write and for anybody who chooses to read.

Stay hydrated.

– Stace xo


My name is Stace, I'm 28 year old Swansea dweller. I am a variety blogger, I aim to spread awareness of Keratoconus, I write about mental health, video games and so much more. If you would like to support my blog, here is my Ko-Fi page.

8 thoughts on “Do You Keep Your Blog To Yourself?

  1. All very valid points to make and interesting to read. I’ll echo what I said on Kim’s article, for me have had a few judgemental comments and remarks levelled towards me from third parties when they found out my interest for gaming as an example. Now the odd comment here or there can dismiss easily enough but did impact my mindset and led me to keep my media writing separate from my professional and immediate personal life.

    It’s been a fascinating and eye opening experience to see how much an impact this conversation had and how similar people’s experiences have been around some negative pushback for pursuing these hobbies openly and publicly with others. I do commend you for being open and detailing your experiences and reasons.


    1. Thank you. It’s just a shame people can be made to feel like they have to hide their hobbies, I just like the idea of living peacefully, rather than being put down over stuff like this.

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      1. What do you feel holds you back from being more open in talking about your writing and hobbies if you don’t mind me asking?

        For me, ashamedly it’s the negative or derisory comments of my colleagues and peers that has made me wary of discussing it in a work setting for example with my colleagues.


      2. Sorry this reply is late, things have been a bit hectic as of late. I developed an inferority complex after a few toxic relationships and family expecting too much from me, the latter is something we’ve talked through, though. People have put me down over the smallest things, or told me to be realistic beause I’m in my late 20s and writing about “kids” stuff. I enjoy what I do, though. 😊

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      3. 🤔it’s easy to see with how some elements of the gaming community present everyone and everything to be that way. Just feels like an uphill struggle at times to craft and create meaningful work that isn’t kiddish whilst fighting that stigma of it being a ‘childish pursuit’. That attitude mentioned is near enough the main reason I don’t actively share what I do with my writing.


  2. Thanks for sharing this, Stace! You’re definitely not alone in wanting to keep your blog to yourself. Like you, I share my posts on social media through my blog accounts, but it’s always been so much easier for me to share this stuff with strangers on the internet than people I know IRL. Very few of my friends and family know about my blog…I don’t know why I’m so afraid of the judgment because if people don’t like what I write, who cares? That’s the mindset I’m trying to get into at least, but that’s easier said than done 😛 I’m glad you kept blogging and are now more comfortable sharing your posts with people!


    1. Thank you! It takes some time, but it’s worth it once you get there. I still fear judgement, I just choose to share here and there now when it comes to my posts. Not everyone will like my content, but some will. 🙂


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