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“I Need Help”

These are words that to me were once the equivalent of throwing in the towel. Even certain people that were previously in my life would make me feel weak. I can only imagine how other people in similar situations feel about these words. Mental illness can make you feel worthless, it can also give you a false perception of yourself.

Over the years, I’ve not only learned how important it is to seek help, I’ve also learned how empowering it can be. I know that might sound like such a daft concept, but asking for help is a very good indicator of how strong you are. Pride can be a good thing, but it can also hold you back in some cases. It will convince you that you should get out of your situation on your own because reaching out makes you weak, as well as a burden to those around you.

That is not the case, it never will be! Anyone who makes you feel that way is someone you’re better off without. Never be afraid to reach out, you deserve the best.

You Are Loved! ❤️


My name is Stace, I'm 28 year old Swansea dweller. I am a variety blogger, I aim to spread awareness of Keratoconus, I write about mental health, video games and so much more. If you would like to support my blog, here is my Ko-Fi page.

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