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Future Content

I wasn’t sure what to title this one, so I’m just winging it. I want to do more with this blog throughout 2020, I’m having so much fun with it, minus any mental health days, obviously.

I dedicate Monday’s to mental health related posts and Friday’s to video games. I’ve also had a Wednesday post day for a little while now. I’ve felt like that can be for whatever topic that interests me. That won’t be changing but I’ve had some worries about what I can actually share for the topic.

I’m very interested in true crime as a topic. I find serial killers fascinating, their mindset and what makes them do the vile things that they do. I don’t like them as people, but you mention that you’re interested in serial killers, you get branded as someone who “stans” them. With lack of a better word there, from my experience, it’s always a negative response.

I am also very invested in some sports, wrestling, movies, music, goth culture, nature, animation, cinematography and so much more. I’m just not brave enough to talk about all of it.

Anxiety plays a lot in my reluctance to share things I want to share, it also stems from being bullied and belittled through my teens and my adult life. I’ve been told by people I’m not good enough, someone from my past told me that me even having a blog is pointless because it’s views aren’t stellar compared to others, I’ve been excited about things for people to shut them down. I know this is stuff I have to change, and I will work on it.

I also get really nervous replying to comments and tweets sometimes. So if I’ve ever missed your replies or whatever. I’m so sorry, it’s nothing personal. I just panic that I’ll make myself look stupid. Years of being beaten down emotionally can affect you in the most random of ways.

I don’t really plan on changing my schedule or anything, I will probably add a random post on a day I don’t tend to post on, if the content is there, but I want to expand the blog a lot further than it is now.

I’d like to collaborate, do interviews, post more aspects of my life. I know this blog doesn’t have one set theme but the idea behind the name “OneNerdsBrain” was focus on all aspects of myself, so I guess I loosely qualify for lifestyle.

Sorry this has become a tangent, I just wanted to let people know what’s what with me and the future of this blog.

So, to end this tangent with a question, would it be worth adding disclaimers or warnings to posts with a darker theme, or a triggering nature?


My name is Stace, I'm 28 year old Swansea dweller. I am a variety blogger, I aim to spread awareness of Keratoconus, I write about mental health, video games and so much more. If you would like to support my blog, here is my Ko-Fi page.

3 thoughts on “Future Content

    1. I second this. Personally, I wouldn’t need a disclaimer, but I think it could not hurt. Just a small “warning” should suffice, though 🙂


  1. For the random topics, you could introduce a mini-series like I have so that you’re free to talk about whatever you want whenever. I call mine 10 things and basically once a month (or it’s supposed to be once a month lol :D) I pick a theme and talk about 10 things related to it. I use it to talk about fandoms, feature products, do holiday stuff. Whatever. It’s my random freedom to do be random basically. You don’t have to do it every week or month, but sometimes giving it a title and saying ‘this is what I’m doing’ helps us say to ourselves it’s ok to do this even when it’s already perfectly ok and we don’t actually need to justify it.

    A warning at the top is a pretty much standard way of dealing with topics like that. Just put something like ‘trigger warning for x, y, z’ and have a separate category for them too so it’s really clear. There is only so much you can do to notify someone and as someone with mental health, like me, you want to help do that but you can’t tie yourself up in knots over it either. Just make sure it’s big and bold so it can’t be missed, so use a heading tag. You’re also covering yourself “legally” (I use quotations because I doubt it’ll ever come to actual legal proceedings, but you get what I mean) as a blogger. If someone complains you can say well it’s there. You can use a graphic but make sure there’s a text element too for screenreaders.


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