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Happy Halloween: My Favourite Horror Movies!

I had more for the spooky season planned for this blog, but a combination of fatigue, mental health struggles, and life in general threw a spanner in the works there. So I just nixed it.
Instead, I’ll be talking about my favourite horror movies, this list isn’t in any particular order.

There’ll be spoilers and some gore, so I’ll put a “read more” divider in, so read at your own risk! ✌

Disclaimer: The content shown in this post is owned by the respective copyright holder. I claim no ownership and I’m using it under fair use. Feel free to contact me directly if you want the content removed!

Rob Zombie’s Halloween:

I always found Michael Myers to be bland compared to Freddy & Jason. I really enjoyed Rob Zombie’s take on the franchise, though. It was gritty, it showed Michael in a toxic environment, one that is usually associated with serial killers childhoods, it showed him being bullied at home and at school. It showed his reaction to said bully, it showed the events that lead up to him murdering his sister, it showed the aftermath of the murder and him in a psychiatric unit, and what preceded him donning his iconic attire and mask.

Saw V:

I am a big fan of this franchise. This movie stood out to me in particular, because of Jigsaw’s introduction to the game: “Your life long instincts will tell you to do one thing, I implore you to do the opposite”.

Obviously, because it is a Saw movie, they do not heed this advice and they take part in the game saving themselves and they lose one person each game, until there is two of them left. It is then revealed later in the movie that the traps were all set up for them all to survive.

This was my favourite because you see the people for who they really are, and their desire to live winds up killing others, when all they had to stop and think about what Jigsaw said.

The full scene is below.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

I tend to suffer with nightmares more often than not these days, they can feel all too real in the moment. Freddy is this experience and then some. Unlike most killers he is very difficult to evade because he targets you in your dream. His iconic glove, his burned appearance, as well as the charm Robert Englund has made Freddy my favourite horror movie character. It also features one of kills in a horror movie, shown in the video below!

Final Destination 3

It was a hard choice between this and the two movies that preceded it. The concept of these movies is very unique, the characters are targeted by something that nobody can escape in the end, death. The movies start off in a place that people tend to gather, an accident occurs that kills everyone within the vicinity, and it turns out to be a premonition. The protagonist of the movie, then warns people of the upcoming event, so they end up avoiding it, along with other survivors. This throws the order of death out of sync, so death targets them in the order they should’ve died in the aforementioned accident.
I chose this one because the opening roller coaster crash is my favourite premonition/accident. As seen in the video below!


Thank you for your time! Happy Halloween! For updates, the weekly schedule for my blog, and photos of my pets, check out my socials:

Stay spooky and stay hydrated!


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4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween: My Favourite Horror Movies!

    1. I do like the original but I’ve never taken to it the same way as I’ve done with Freddy and Jason. I’m a big fan of how gritty Rob Zombies movies are, though. It was a perfect mix for me.


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