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June Gaming/July Goals 2019

June was a pretty tiring month for me on an emotional level. I’ve been contending with mental health issues, I did go see my therapist and that was eye opening, I also saw a specialist about my eye issues, Keratoconus and I’m due treatment for that within a few months. It overwhelms me sometimes, but I digress.

I was browsing, Twitter and the WordPress reader the other day and came across two posts that inspired this one, the first post is My Month In Games by The Gaming Diaries.  The other is July 2019 Gaming Goals by

I didn’t play too many games through June, so I’m hoping to get through a few more throughout the year. The games I played were:

Red Dead Redemption 2
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I am really enjoying this game so far! I haven’t done much of anything during the main quest yet. I’ve been focusing on crafting items and getting caught up with side quests, hunting and all that great stuff. I’m starting to like Authur more than John.
I really enjoy Aurthurs character as well as the back and forth interactions with the rest of the gang. It’s also been nice seeing the characters from the original game before the events of the first game took place.

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Minecraft is one of those games I have played on and off ever since the console versions initially launched. I installed it again recently after watching my boyfriend play Ark. I know the two games are vastly different, but it reminded me of how much I love open world/survival games. 
It is also one of my favourite games in general and one of the games that helps ease any anxiety I feel. I’m planning on doing a separate post about it down the line, I just need to sort screenshots and plan ahead. 

Sonic Mania: Encore Mode
No photo description available.I was really excited about Sonic Mania when it was announced. I even got the collectors edition, but sadly, it fell victim to my backlog. I did complete the story in time and I even got the Mania Plus DLC, but I only used that to play the new characters in the main mode for a time. 

That changed recently, though when I decided to finally give the mode a shot, I regret not playing it sooner! I honestly had a blast!
I will be dedicating a post to that this coming next Friday, so watch this space! 
Gaming goals
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I have neglected most of my games for a long time, I used to trophy hunt quite a lot but, I’ve felt my motivation for that die out. I wish I knew the reason but I’ve just been unable to focus. 
I gave up on games when I got stuck at a certain point, Heavy Rain being an example, I just can’t seem to get that car chase sequence down! 
I’ll keep my goals as simple as I can, I overwhelm myself quite often and then bail on what I’m doing. 

I plan on finishing Spyro 1 on The Reginighted Trilogy and then starting up the campaign on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remastered. This is more related to my blog than gaming, but it is gaming content, I will also sort out what screenshots I need to keep or delete for my future gaming entries. I haven’t scrapped the blog ideas for the screenshots I shared on Instagram, it was just a case of my overwhelming myself, again, and needing to slow down for a while. 
white smartphone
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Thank you for your time. If you are interested in future content, feel free to give me a follow and if you are interested in updates and the stuff I do outside of my blog, you can find me at my socials:


Stay hydrated!




My name is Stace, I'm 28 year old Swansea dweller. I am a variety blogger, I aim to spread awareness of Keratoconus, I write about mental health, video games and so much more. If you would like to support my blog, here is my Ko-Fi page.

One thought on “June Gaming/July Goals 2019

  1. Good luck with your gaming goals! As long as you don’t make them too much like a chore, I find goals give a good framework of what to shoot for to make progress in games. I’m a very progress-driven person, though, so this works well for me. Hopefully it’ll be of help to you!


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