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Why My Content Is Sometimes Inconsistent

Some aspects of this post might be triggering for some, so if that worries you, that’s okay! I’ve got plenty of other content if you want to read my work! 😊

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Fun Things To Occupy Your Mind During Social Distancing

It is safe to say that the world is in a panicked state right now, everything will be okay in the end, but in the meantime, it is important to follow the rules that were set in place and work on keeping your mind occupied to the best of your ability, I’ll be sharing a few things that have been keeping me occupied during the lockdown.

Please keep in mind that I am from the UK, these shows might not be available in your regions streaming services! 
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Long Distance Relationships: Tips On How To Make Them Last

I’m going to be honest here, they are not easy. No relationship is. Long distance can be a trying time for both involved and involve a little more work than “normal”, with lack of a better word here, relationships.

Are they doable? Yes! I’ve been in a few myself, they all didn’t work out, obviously, but I’ve learned from them and used what I learned in my current relationship, while that was long distance.

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